Thursday, June 6, 2013

Natural Hair Journey to "Waist Length"

My Natural Hair Journey has had its ups and downs for. I've been Natural for 4 years without a Big Chop. I Relaxed every 3-6 months until one day I did a stretch and noticed my hair was still manageable with my new growth. So I stretched and stretched and noticed I went a whole year without a Relaxer.

2010-Starting to Use Aphogee
I started using a product line called Aphogee. I heard about this product thru YouTuber Ateeya. Aphogee has had the heart of my hair. It restored my hair and made it more manageable. I still use the products even 4 years later. I washed my Hair every 2 weeks with the Deep Moisturizing shampoo, 2Minute Reconstructor and applied the Leave in Conditioner. I also started to limit the usage of heat to twice a month when I would go to the hair salon.

As time went on I experimented with Weaves, Wigs and Natural Hair Styles to help protect my hair during Protective styling. I would get trims every 6 weeks. I noticed that I wasn't seeing any length during the early part of my journey so I limited my trims to twice a year.

The fun part of my journey was testing out New Hair Product lines from Carols Daughter, Cantu, Beautiful Textures, African Pride and more.

Conditioning my Hair has became a Hobby for me. I would have a Conditioning cap, Conditioner and a Wig on all at the same time. I'm always on the go and sometimes don't have time to Deep Condition so since I was wearing wigs as my protective style I chose to Deep Condition this way.

2010-After Using Aphogee 

Currently my hair length is grazing Bra Strap. I desire to be Waist Length because I love that Hair length in weave so why not grow it myself.

Journey with me as I grow and maintain Waist Length Hair!!!!

Below are a few pics to get an idea of where I'm at in my journey

 Nov 2011

BraidOut 2012

December 2012



March 2013 I trimmed those ends from the last photo

                                                                    Twist Out 2013

Finally received my Measurement Shirt as of May 2013